Augmenteed is revolutionizing the way front-line workers operate with its state-of-the-art Augmented Reality (AR) along with Artificial Technology (AI)  technology. Our no-code platform empowers businesses to digitize outdated paper-based or manual processes into dynamic mobile applications, enhancing efficiency and accuracy on the job site. 

Our Core Offerings:

Standard Operating Procedures (SOP):

Augmenteed simplifies complex processes with step-by-step AR procedures, providing data at the job site for real-time monitoring. This approach minimizes human error and significantly reduces operation times by at least 25%, as demonstrated by over 300 technicians at Singapore Changi Airport. 


We accelerate the upskilling of your staff to Engineers 4.0, offering both online and offline training solutions. Our AR manual and training modules guide technicians through procedures with or without internet connectivity, making learning seamless and effective.

Remote Assistance

Our platform facilitates instant connection to experts for fast troubleshooting. With two-way augmented pointer annotation and image transmission, we ensure comprehensive support, even in low connectivity areas, making our solution 5G ready


Digital forms, photo uploads, and automated report generation streamline the inspection process. Our technology has proven to reduce inspection times by 40% in the construction sector, highlighting our commitment to operational excellence.

Success Stories:

Singapore Changi Airport:

Deploying smart-glasses applications for loading containers on aircraft, resulting in a 25% faster loading process and preventing human errors. This innovation represents an estimated saving of $250K per month for the airlines.

Key Benefits:

Accelerate operations with minimum 25% faster execution and zero errors.

Eliminate human errors, reducing liability issues.

Cost Savings:
Significant monthly savings, evidenced by our impact at Changi Airport.

Artificial Intelligence:
AI Enabled engine for seamless workflow and business intelligence in a single platform

Technology in Action:

Our AR technology is designed to be simple, stress-free, and highly effective, catering to various industries and use cases. With Augmenteed, businesses can transform their operational processes, ensuring workers are fully guided and monitored in real-time, leading to unparalleled efficiency and safety. 

Explore the future of front-line work with Augmenteed, where we augment capabilities and redefine productivity through innovative AR solutions.