Ayonix is at the forefront of integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) with Video Management Systems (VMS), offering a pioneering AI VMS platform. This innovative solution is designed to enhance security, efficiency, and operational effectiveness through advanced video analytics and management capabilities. 

About Ayonix

Ayonix, a global leader in AI technologies, operates across 37 countries with over 3,070 users worldwide. Our AI technology is ranked 3rd globally, with over 6,700 AI licenses issued. We cater primarily to government and military sectors, showcasing our expertise in critical and high-security environments. 

Ayonix VMS: Revolutionizing Video Management

Our VMS platform is an AI-based system that revolutionizes how IP cameras are managed and controlled. It supports real-time viewing, recording, and analysis of footage from multiple cameras and locations, boasting low bandwidth requirements, cost-efficiency, and easy setup. With a presence in over 100 countries, Ayonix offers round-the-clock support to ensure seamless operations. 

Key Features

– AI Video Analytics: Advanced object, audio, and video stream analysis for comprehensive monitoring and security insights. 

– Face & Number Plate Recognition: Utilizes AI to identify faces and vehicle number plates accurately, enhancing security measures. 

– Access Control & Remote Assistance: Offers integrated solutions for access management and remote troubleshooting, ensuring security and convenience. 

– Mobile and Cloud Access: Ensures easy access to data and systems from anywhere, facilitating remote operations and monitoring. 

Unique Selling Points

– Network VMS Architecture: Features smart search, camera PTZ control, alert triggers, two-way audio, cybersecurity measures, cloud management, and a video wall among others, making Ayonix VMS the fastest-growing VMS globally. 

– High Compatibility: Supports 99% of camera types, including IP cameras, USB webcams, RTSP, HTTP, and UDP streams. 

– Cross-Platform Availability: Compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, virtual machines, Docker, ARM, iOS, and Android browsers. 

– Scalability and Dependability: Offers high scalability and reliability with server hive architecture, ensuring no single point of failure. 

Success Stories

Ayonix’s solutions have been deployed in various sectors including smart cities, retail, schools, hotels, hospitals, transportation, and banking. For instance, our project in Samui Island, Thailand, required centralized IP video surveillance for the entire island, showcasing our capability to handle large-scale and complex security systems. 


Ayonix’s AI VMS platform is setting new standards in the security and surveillance industry. Our innovative approach, combined with powerful analytics and universal compatibility, offers unmatched efficiency and safety. With Ayonix, businesses and governments can leverage the latest in AI technology to secure their operations and assets effectively.  

Discover the future of video management and security with Ayonix – where innovation meets security.